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Flea control in gold coast


In Australia, the most common fleas are the cat flea and the dog flea. Not surprisingly, these blood-sucking parasites are primarily a problem for people with cats and dogs, as fleas are brought into the house on the back of these pets. Female fleas can lay many hundreds of eggs in a lifetime, which drop onto carpet or furniture or the bedding of pets.

Flea control gold coast is the larvae spins cocoons and patiently lies in wait until indications of a passing host. The vibrations of your footsteps, for example, or heat - stir them into action. The small, black flea of children's cartoons is actually an unfed adult flea that has emerged from its cocoon. It can remain alive for up to four months without a blood feed.

The cat flea, by far the most common in Australia, Gold coast Fleas treatment can live on both cats and dogs and though it prefers the blood of your pets, will feed on humans. Pest control in Sydney isn’t as simple as it seems and people usually think it would be. It requires lots of knowledge and understanding about fleas, where fleas live and hide, and fleas control products.

 Flea control in gold coast and surrounding areas.  We offer individually tailored, people, pet and environmentally friendly pest control solutions for both residential and commercial property., we offer customized and individually tailored solutions. We deal quickly and effectively with the following household and commercial pests.



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